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A Summer Must-Read Page Turner

Dear Readers,

I've been busy this summer editing Love Letters From Appalachia and writing short stories both for my blog and for a contest, the latter of which I'll be posting soon for your review.

I've also been expanding my literary horizons somewhat this summer, and decided to start my journey with a classmate's new novel, launching today on Amazon. It's a science fiction fantasy novel, which is way out of my reading comfort zone, but I'm glad I took the opportunity to be an advance reader and go for it. J. D. Edwin's Headspace is a thrilling, fast-paced page turner you won't want to miss. A giant orb from another world lands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and challenges people on earth who are willing (and some who are not) to enter an arena for their entertainment. If no one comes forward, the earth will be destroyed. Astra Ching, the protagonist is signed up by someone who doesn't realize how serious the stakes are. When contestants are finally chosen, the only weapon you're allowed to take with you into the arena is your what's inside your head - your intellect. The penalty for losing is death. And if no one wins, the penalty is the destruction of the earth.

Run by a sardonic and bullying arena master, Cheshire, the survivors face harder challenges and face almost impossible odds. Fighting not only in the arena, but also the phalanx of social media, Astra learns quickly to use her intellect to survive each new contest. She wants answers, but won't get them unless she survives the final test. Answers are for winners.

Pick up a copy of Headspace today and enjoy a really great summer read. You can get it at

Until then, dear readers, I'm off to learn more about my craft so you'll be reading my first novel soon. Please stay in touch and I'll be back on your Facebook pages shortly with a new short story. Have a great summer!

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