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Review of Surviving Death by Sarah Gribble

One of the things writers can and often do for others is read their new books and review them. I am a participating member of The Write Practice, and its first published author through its new publishing company, Story Cartel Press, is Sarah Gribble who has just had Surviving Death published. It's available on Amazon right now.

Surviving Death is not the type of book I ordinarily read, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But it's a real wow! Sarah's imagery of the places she has created as the sum total of the afterlife will seem hauntingly familiar, and she draws from both modern and ancient concepts of where the consciousness resides after death. Her protagonist, Tilly (Matilda) is a sympathetic figure, smart and savvy, but sometimes melancholy as she traverses the loneliness of the afterworld and discovering piece by piece how she ended up there. As you journey with her through the aftermath of death and her fight for justice in a world where arbitrary and capricious rules are the order for everything and which can get her damned to hell for all time if flouted, you find yourself rooting for her to change that world as well as come to a better understanding of the one she left behind.

The dialogue between the characters is witty and razor sharp at times, but always realistic. This was a fun read and if you're a fantasy/suspense genre reader, you're not going to want to put this book down. For someone who usually has her head inside of some kind of historical non-fiction book or inspirational fiction, I really enjoyed reading this. I expect to be seeing a lot more from Sarah. Congratulations to her and to Story Cartel Press on its inaugural publication!

For a copy of Surviving Death, go to:

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