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Staying Busy

One of the hardest things to do as a writer, other than editing your work, is continuing to write on other projects while you edit your novel. I am almost finished with the programmatic and editorial work I can do on Love Letters From Appalachia and am now looking for a good developmental editor to help me work out the rough edges and tell me where I may be losing my readers and how to keep them engaged. Criticism, even the kind you pay for, isn't easy to deal with, especially when the story is personal in many ways, but it's the only way to publish a really thoughtfully written story with characters readers will identify with. While I'd love for this novel to be financially successful, my main goal is to tell a story about love, loss, obsession, forgiveness and redemption. All of the characters in Love Letters are fictional, but based on the lives of people I never knew but learned of through their letters, those I knew as a child and have been gone for many years, or those who are still living. Many are amalgamations of two or three people and the way I see specific qualities or flaws in their characters.

I'd like for my future readers to become a little more familiar with my writing style, so I'll be publishing one of my short stories here on my blog that hasn't been published elsewhere - yet. I'd love to have your feedback, so when I send out the link to you on social media next week, please take a few minutes to read and comment on what you like or don't like about the story. It is roughly 1500 words, so it's about a ten minute exercise, followed by your comments. I promise I will value your input!

The words below are the approximation of the phrase "Words are the language of life" which you'll see occasionally here on this blog and other places. Cherokee is the only Native American language with a written alphabet, but literal translations into English are difficult to obtain. This is as close as I can get with the resources I currently have available. One of the characters in the novel spoke the language (and did in reality as well) and there is a short passage in the novel using the Cherokee language. I am still working on a literal translation that is as close to the original language as possible, phonetic and can be read easily. So far, it has been a real challenge!


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